Apr 302013

I remember a story of one particular day back in college when I wanted to make pasta for myself. I boiled the Penne but I had two bottles of sauces Alfredo and Marinara and both had enough sauce in them to make half serving of pasta each. So I improvised and created a Alfredo-Marinara pasta. It tasted really good.

Fast forward to few days back, I wanted to order food from Dominos and as I was fiddling with the “custom pasta maker” on the website, I saw that there was an option to select either Alfredo OR Marinara sauce. I wanted both.
One option was to order two pastas and mix them at home, but whats the fun in that ? So I thought of hacking the “custom pasta maker”. This is how I did it:

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Dec 172012

Note: DNS based load balancing is a push model. It should be considered only when pure load balancing is not an option.

AWS route53

AWS route53

We use a dedicated instance in our environment that acts as a proxy server routing the payment and other API requests from our application stack (not open to public) to the payment gateways and other third party vendors. The reason to do this is that most of our clients use ip white-listing at their payment gateways and our app stack is very dynamic (auto scaled and dynamic public IP). Continue reading »

Oct 282010

Bug Genie strips out HTML formatting in comments. I had a hard time with that as clients who were using this were copy pasting from third party and the formatting was lost. Initially I though that it stripped down HTML during POST and fixing that will fix my future comments. But, after few mins of fondling around I made the “awesome” discovery that, Bug Genie doesn’t convert htmlentities during post, but during printing out. This would mean, all my past comments, which have HTML will work !!
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